Esh Buildings in Kentuky

Shed Building Styles

We offer 3 different roof styles for sheds. The customer has the choice of where to place doors and windows on High barns and A-Frame styles. We also offer metal carports, garages, and horse barns.

Low Barn: Barn-shaped Roof

  • 4 foot side walls
  • No overhead storage
  • Some stacking capability

High Barn: Barn-shaped Roof

  • 6 foot 3 inch side walls
  • Overhead storage capability when lofts are installed
  • Stacking capability

A-Frame: A-shaped Roof

  • 6 foot 9 inch side walls
  • Stacking capability
  • Limited overhead storage.
  • Please note, the roof pitch on the A-Frames cannont be altered due to NCDOT laws and regulations. Our legal height on the trailer is 13"6".


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Dog Houses and Wellcovers

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Metal Carports and Garages

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