Esh Buildings in Kentuky

Delivery and Installation

We will gladly deliver your storage building to your home.

We offer free delivery up to 20 miles: each additional mile is $3.00 per mile.

All 12ft. wide A-Frames and all 14 ft. wide buildings,, (both styles), require special hauling permits and escorts. This sometimes requires the customer to provide certain secondary road numbers to us to obtain permits.

Accurate Building Placement

We have equipement called "The Mule," which allows us to place your building almost anywhere in your yard, with great accuracy of where you want it.

It picks up the building and can maneuver around easier in your yard than the truck and trailer.

The Mule is a secondary solution to installation.

Preparing for your building:

When trying to decide on a size that is right for you, it is important that you have enough room for the truck and trailer to maneuver.

Please make sure there are no tree limbs, shrubbery, or fencing in the path of the delivery truck.

The truck and trailer are approximatelly 50 feet long. The building will be at 13 ft. 6 inches tall on the trailer; therefore, your clearance for the building will be 14 ft. tall and you need an additional 2 feet more width than the size of your order.

The customer provides the block needed for setup. The amount and size are given at the time of ordering.

Foundation options are as follows:

  • block
    • 4x8x16 solid caps
    • 2x8x16 solid caps
    • Regular 8" cell block
  • Gravel pad - crush and run
  • Cement slab

All options are discussed at the time of ordering.